GQP (German Quality Products) is going to distribute high end quality products made in Germany in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

What we are talking about are products designed and manufactured in germany - from the cotton thread to the whole dress, from the bold to the machine - addressing social responsibility as well as forward-looking environmental standards and - of course - authentic, sustainable quality truly made in Germany.

Our goal is to meet your demands and standards for quality and sustaining product-reliability. For it we cautious select our choice of products to be distributed by GQP.
GQP is proud to announce the exclusive distribution of Trigema
in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Katar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Trigema, a well known brand and clothing manufacturer in Germany, is one of last of it's guild who's complete production facilities are located in Germany only!

Beside the fact that Trigema did not shift it's production to low-wage countries with the justification of global market conditions and competition the "Code of Conduct" of Trigema addresses social and environmental responsibility as well as ethical values, what gives us plenty enough reason to launch Trigema in the middle east.

Please CLICK HERE for more information about Trigema.

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GQP is about to constitute.

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